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Mother's Day Surprise (催人泪下的小惊喜)

May 13, 2012 10:57:03 AM EST | Growing Story (成长故事) | Email to Friend(发邮件给朋友) | Comments[评论] (2)

Even though sometimes I appear to be mean and not enough of loving, even though at times I feel very unhappy, even though I do not always fear spiders and I dare to catch caterpillars...Unexpectedly, my son put his unique gift in front of me this morning, full of appreciations and praises, when my mind was totally somewhere else. A pure surprise that cheered me up quite a bit that moment. He presented his poem along with some jelly beans with a sincere smile, later added a malted milk egg so I could gain some weight. I wish I could...

虽然有时候我有点凶,也会严厉;虽然很长时间都没有真正开心过;虽然我已经不是那么害怕蜘蛛,而且还敢抓毛毛虫。。。可还是收到了儿子为母亲节写给我的一首感激夸赞我的“诗”。因为母亲节丝毫不在我的意识里,没有人为我过,我也不想过。。。所以当昨天上午儿子把一张纸在我毫无准备的情况下若无其事温柔地摆放到了我面前,上面还有一小堆jelly beans,告诉我这是给我的时候,我一下子就愣住了。。。我看到了那首诗的内容,看到了儿子笑眯眯的样子,一瞬间。。。后来他又临时加了一个malted milk egg,希望我能够长肉。是啊,我也好想长胖一些。。。

女儿早先也给了,是一袋Lindt Chocolate truffles, 给得太随意了,是为了压制我可能的"生气"在钢琴比赛回家路上买来"哄"我的,都知道我想长肉,孩子们的礼物还是让我很开心的.

Here is his "poem":

Kind, loving, caring
Mother of Meng and Xuan
Lover of
Singing, drawing, family
Who feels
Happy, kind, caring
Who gives
Love, protection, help
Who fears
Spiders, bugs, theives (thieves)
Who would like to see
China, relitatives (relatives), different countries

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Comments (评论)

You are right, Jamie, hard to imagine a parent who never becomes "mean". I have eaten all the jelly beans and will drink some milk too. I hate milk, but lately decided to take in some with no nose breathing :)

Posted by: Sabrina at May 15, 2012 11:48 AM

Hello Yuquan,

I am glad you had a nice surprise and a nice Mother's Day. Very sweet poem. I can't picture you being mean, but; to be a good mom sometimes you have to not be a friend and be a parent. They will appreciate that kind of love as they mature.

Eat the Jelly beans, and maybe some pasta and potatoes too!

Be well,


Posted by: Jamie at May 14, 2012 12:53 PM

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