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大学情诗: 女儿的海 (Poem: Sea of Daughter's)

March 20, 2012 10:58:07 PM EST | Treasured Memories | Email to Friend(发邮件给朋友) | Comments[评论] (2)

This poem was written for me by 简宁, a best friend and senior alumni. It was first published in "Flying" (飞天) magazine by Lanzhou, Gansu. He was awarded the National College Students' Creative Award in 1984. It belongs to his compilation of poems "Listening to the Sunshine" which was published by the Literature and Art Publishing House of People's Liberation Army in 1990 (辑于1990年解放军文艺出版社出版的他的诗集"倾听阳光"). Wish I could go back to the past, young and beautiful; innocent and pure...none of us ever knew how short those wonderful years would be, and it existed once, once only, with no turning back...


冉冉地冉冉地跃下跳水台 Slowly, slowly jumping off the diving board
在雪白的欣喜中我回到海里 I went back to the sea in the white delight
回到海里女儿的海蓝蓝的海 Back to the sea, the deep blue sea of daughter’s
整个世界都飘游在我蓝蓝的家乡 The whole world is wandering in my hometown of blue
掠过去了堆积如山的书本 Passed by the piles of books
掠过去了铅笔盒和图书馆的灯光 Passed by the pencil boxes and library lights
我不再是那个高大的黑森林里 I am no longer that brown haired little girl
采撷蘑菇的黄头发的小姑娘 Who gathered mushrooms in the black forest
在这里我是女儿 Right here I am the daughter
有轻柔的浪涌向我 There are gentle waves flocking to me
我做深呼吸 I take a deep breath
我微微起伏胸膛 My chest undulates slightly


我仰泳我侧泳我轻盈地鱼跃 Backstroke, sidestroke and I swim gracefully as a fish
在自由的扑打中我变成一条美人鱼 I turn into a mermaid in waves of free strokes
自从我听过那个流泪的童话 Ever since I heard that fairy tale that made me cry
我就在想我就是那条美人鱼 I visualized myself as that mermaid
我游得好累好远但没有化作泡沫 I swim too far and get so tired but I do not turn into foam
在岸上我是小公主可是我爱水 I am a little princess at shore but I love water
我多么爱水我的蝶泳多么漂亮 How much I love water how beautiful my butterfly stroke is
在水里我也有一对轻捷的翅膀 I too, have a pair of nimble wings in the water
我仰卧在这张蓝宝石床上 I lie on my back on this sapphire bed
这是我的游泳池这是我女儿的海 This is my swimming pool this is my sea of daughter’s
"在大海淡蓝色的云雾里 “In the light blue mist of the sea
有一片孤帆闪耀着白光......" A lone sail is shining the white light...”
在我吟哦着这苍凉的诗句 When I’m chanting the desolate lines of a poem
真正的海的涛声 The real sound of the ocean waves
呼啸在我的耳旁 Roaring by my ears
我的眼睛闪动着海的光芒 My eyes are flashing the light of the sea
然后钟声响了 Then the bell rings
然后我骄傲地上岸 I come on shore proud
赤裸着 Naked
像赤裸着穿过天穹的彗星一样 Like a naked comet passing through the sky
我赤裸着灿烂地穿过 I cross through brightly, naked
穿过徐徐佛来的晚风 Through the slowly blowing breeze at night
穿过男孩子们惊羡的目光 Through the admiring eyes of the boys
我开始歌唱 I begin to sing


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Comments (评论)

I hope most of the stuff here written by myself or by my friend would always be a good start for your day. It is easy to feel regret, but we also know we can't afford feeling regretted on things cannot be changed. Thank you for being my best friend and biggest support, thank you for any kind of help, small or big.

Posted by: Sabrina at March 27, 2012 02:00 PM

Your friend writes beautiful poetry, but; with you as inspiration how could it be anything less?
I was swimming early today and thinking about this poem, a good way to start the day for sure.
The past is past, while I never wish to close the door or regret my past I am trying to live in the day.
Thanks for the lovely poetry.
Be well,

Posted by: Jamie at March 27, 2012 10:04 AM

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