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Chopin Nocturne Op. 72 in E minor

January 24, 2009 10:26:45 PM EST | Recordings | Email to Friend(发邮件给朋友) | Comments[评论] (4)

Chopin Nocturne Op 72 in E minor by Sabrina Yuquan Chen from youtube.com

I love piano but never had a chance to learn it when I was young. I began to follow my daughter when she started her piano lesson. Although most of the time I was like "three-day fishing three-day drying the net" (if you know what I meant), I began to work hard after I fell in love with this Chopin piece. With couple of months of hard work, I have improved a lot, but those 10 stiff fingers just can't get me to where I wanted to be no matter what I try. I don't have a piano teacher, I learned this piece pretty much by listening to various versions online and by naturally blending in my own interpretations. As of now this is the best I can do in front of a camera. I enjoyed my play, I hope you would all like it too. Thanks for watching! Happy Chinese New Year!

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Comments (评论)

Xin Meng: Sorry for the very late reply. I was aware of everyone's comment but failed to reply on time and it slipped by me out of many things. Thank you for taking the time write to me and encouraging words about me as a mom. Perhaps the kids are too young to feel the proud. My daughter just went to play at Carnegie Hall and guess I played very important role in this :) Take care!

Posted by: Sabrina at March 12, 2012 09:07 PM

Joan: Thank you very much for the encouragement. Sorry for the late reply.

Posted by: Sabrina at March 12, 2012 09:03 PM

I don't know much about playing piano, but I think you definitely played well. I was especially impressed with the grace that you showed during playing. I also believe that you are a great mom. Your family, especially your daughter, must be very proud of you.

Posted by: xin meng [TypeKey Profile Page] at November 8, 2010 12:47 PM

Wow, this is amazing!! I cannot believe you have never learnt how to play it as a child :-)

Posted by: Qiong at November 21, 2009 08:34 PM

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