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Lover In Dream (梦中人, 现场录制) Subtitled

December 19, 2011 10:43:21 PM EST | Recordings | Email to Friend(发邮件给朋友)

Direct youtube link: 梦中人

Listen on youku.com: 梦中人

This recording was done the same day after "Three Years". Again I basically lost my voice after a long day of communicating, practicing, struggling to find a better way to record. All the appreciation goes to my mentor James Sia.

Here is a home recording version:

Lyrics (歌词):
*The English translation is copyrighted, please do not use it without my consent

The moon is so murky
The earth is covered with night fog
My lover in dream
Where can you be?
Listen to the tide rises and falls from far away
The wind is venting out with sorrow
My lover in dream
Where can you be?
The spring with no roses
Like harp with broken strings
Living in the world without love
A day feels like a year
Nightingale is crying in the forest
Tears splashed on the grass
My lover in dream
Where can you be?

月色那样模糊 大地笼上夜雾
我的梦中的人儿呀 你在何处
远听海潮起伏 松风正在哀诉
我的梦中的人儿呀 你在何处
没有蔷薇的春天 好像竖琴断了线
活在没有爱的人间 过一日好像过一年
夜莺林间痛哭 草上溅着泪珠
我的梦中的人儿呀 你在何处

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