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不了情 (Love Without End)

May 31, 2015 EST | Love Poems (爱情诗歌) , Recordings

Direct youtube link: 不了情... [More...]


May 24, 2015 EST | Excerpts (妙语摘录) , Sparks of Soul (心路历程)

真正的缘 不只是给对方留下美好的第一印象 而是对方认识你很久以后 仍喜欢和你在一起 真正的缘 不只是瞬间吸引对方的目光 而是对方熟知你以后 依然欣赏你... [More...]

Horseback Riding at Bobby's Ranch

May 16, 2015 EST | Beauty of Life (生活点滴)

When I was at my 20's, I had a chance to ride a horse outdoor for the very first time and I was riding super fast like a professional. There was no sense of safety rules in China back then,... [More...]


May 15, 2015 EST | Sparks of Soul (心路历程)

不必靠太近 还有各自的生活 不必离太远 只有一个转身的距离 熟悉的地方没有风景 距离原来是爱的翅膀 你依旧带着你的美丽 好让下一个人把你深情凝望...

Early Birthday Celebration

May 14, 2015 EST | Beauty of Life (生活点滴)

I seldom celebrate my birthday. But this year is big, and I had a rare opportunity to celebrate my birthday ahead of time with a special friend of mine at a local restuarant. We were too busy taking pictures for... [More...]


May 11, 2015 EST | Excerpts (妙语摘录) , Sparks of Soul (心路历程) , Words of Wisdom (至理名言)

再好的东西都有失去的一天 再深的记忆也有淡忘的一天 再爱的人 也有远走的一天 再美的梦 也有惊醒的一天... [More...]

Indoor SkyDiving at SkyVenture New Hampshire

May 08, 2015 EST | Beauty of Life (生活点滴)

计划很久的用以庆祝今年大寿的室外跳伞看样子是泡汤了,因为说好陪我的朋友有些胆怯,一个人去动力也不足。无意中发现有室内跳伞,于是决定去那里看看。... [More...]

抱きしめて (抱紧我, Hold Me Tight)

May 06, 2015 EST | Japanese Songs (日文歌曲) , Recordings

抱得再紧,也不能让一颗悲哀的心停止落泪。。。 Direct youtube link: 抱きしめて... [More...]