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Horseback Riding at Bobby's Ranch

May 16, 2015 7:53:31 PM EST | 生活点滴 (Beauty of Life) | Email to Friend(发邮件给朋友)

When I was at my 20's, I had a chance to ride a horse outdoor for the very first time and I was riding super fast like a professional. There was no sense of safety rules in China back then, I just got on a random horse while on vacation without any concerns or hesitations because I was always brave. No one around could believe a woman could ride a horse like a pro, some people refused to accept that it was indeed a woman on the back of the horse. In the end, I was very proud of my accomplishment. I only wish that we had the luxury to record the whole thing as we could today for a good memory.

Wanting to experience the excitement again, my friend and I finally went to the Bobby's Ranch in Concord, Mass. after having the initial thoughts months ago. I was hoping for a free and fast ride, but all they offer are either trail ride which is a walk, or canter ride, which is a slow run. I requested the canter ride, my friend could only do trail ride. After a special permission, they allowed my friend to record my ride in a ring. Too bad, the horse normally carries young kids refused to run as I wished. After a while of trying, he finally had a very slow run, which, of course, was better than no run.

Sabrina Yuquan Chen horseback riding

Disappointed, we had to get on the trail ride all together due to the time limit. Guided on the trail, we finally had a couple of opportunities to let the horses run a short distance. Unfortunately, when the horse was running, my friend could only hold on to the saddle to prevent himself from falling off, record the fast run was impossible.

Sabrina Yuquan Chen horseback riding

After all, no exciting moments were caught on video. But I'm determined to do it again in the future and I am confident I would have the horse run for me eventually.


Sabrina Yuquan Chen horseback riding

时隔多年,每次想到这件事,我都有想要再体验一次的念头。和朋友谈骑马有好多个月了,这次终于一起去了附近的一个牧场。本来希望有机会让马跑起来后拍下来。可是美国人安全意识很强,对骑马这件事非常小心翼翼。我要求的慢跑(canter ride)只能在一片围起来的小场地做,我的朋友允许拍照还是请示过“上级”的。那匹马大概平时背惯了孩子,都是慢慢走,怎么都不肯跑,好不容易慢跑了一下。那令人向往的想象了多次的壮观局面终于没有出现。

因为时间有限,我们只好同时去trail ride,就是在乡间小路上走一圈儿。这中间反倒有机会慢跑两次,可惜跑的时候朋友只能抓紧马鞍别让自己掉下去而完全无法为我拍录像。最终精彩的过程几乎没有拍摄下来。


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