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Special Gifts for A Memorable Birthday

June 24, 2015 EST | Beauty of Life (生活点滴)

Although I don't normally celebrate birthday, and have to twist my brain to recall the last time I ever received a birthday gift, I was so pleasantly surprised by the unexpected gifts I would never imagine to receive. I am... [More...]


June 10, 2015 EST | Excerpts (妙语摘录) , Sparks of Soul (心路历程)

一句“在吗”包含了多少想你 一句“在干嘛”包含了多少关爱 一句“怎么了”包含了多少在意 一句“你忙吧”包含了多少委屈 一句“我等你”包含了多少心酸 一句“算了吧”包含了多少伤心... [More...]