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Second Discovery Flight with Sunset and Full Moon

August 11, 2014 9:21:51 PM EST | 生活点滴 (Beauty of Life) | Email to Friend(发邮件给朋友) | Comments[评论] (1)

第一次开飞机后就计划今年夏天找一个好天气再开一次,为的就是看落日。这么多个月过去了,热情消失了很多。上周临时突然很想去,6号才去订时间。本以为这么好的天气这种时间段提前几天才订恐怕都没有了,没想到订到了周日下午的5:30 - 8。去之前并不肯定是否一定会看到落日,也怕天气有变化,但还是很期待。

One block is 2 and a half hours. Since the intention was to have fun and I had flown once, the pilot headed to dinner after some quick review about the basic instructions. 当时教练说他8点还有一个飞行,所以可能只能蜻蜓点水看一下就得马上降落了。听上去有些失望但也只能如此。却不曾想最后看到了最美最完整的落日,之后还看到了美丽的满月。

9年后的今天(April 2023),终于下了决心做好了的视频。主要的几张照片放在了视频里,这里就删除了。

Watch on YouTube:


Before the flight 和飞机留个影美一下:
陈玉泉 Sabrina Yuquan Chen flight with sunset

The basic information explained by the coach before the flight:
陈玉泉 Sabrina Yuquan Chen flight with sunset


Pleasantly surprised, the pilot did not rush us back to Hanscom Airport before 8 as he originally told us. Instead, he suggested all sorts of fun things for me to do and for us to see, including a quick short runway landing and take off at Sterling Airport. 等回到大楼,都8点40了。如果8点以前赶回来的话,夜色中的月亮就看不到了。

这次飞行可以说难得的完美。既看到完整的日落,又意外看到不同时间段的满月,而且还体验了开着窗户飞行。This definitely would be one of the most memorable experiences in my life.

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