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Piano Solo by Yiruma

February 28, 2012 EST | Favorite Music

I love piano music. My top favorite is Yanni and I love every single one of his piano solos that I have been listening to them almost everyday. His music has unlimited depth that forever touches my heart and soul.... [More...]


February 16, 2012 EST | Sparks of Soul (心路历程) , Words of Wisdom (至理名言) | Comments (7)

Some random quotes mixed with my own thoughts 你认为重于千金的东西 其实它,只是那样的轻 荒谬的背后,隐藏着无奈 人,特别是女人 最容易犯的一个错误 就是在恋爱当中迷失自我 千万不要相信虚幻的爱情,更不要陷入其中 因为这种爱会蒙住你的双眼 在你不知不觉当中,让你遍体鳞伤 并且带你一步步走向死亡 有的爱,不过是寂寞无聊撒得谎... [More...]

別れの予感 (别离的预感)

February 14, 2012 EST | Japanese Songs (日文歌曲) , Recordings

本来这段时间以为会唱“痴痴地等”。也许是天意吧,没能拿到老师做的伴奏。而这首“别离的预感”却意外地迎来了它发挥作用的时机。 情人节是不是值得庆祝,实在是个人的事。今年的这个节日,是我最为感慨的一个日子。这个节日只会让不幸的人感到更多的痛,不是吗? Direct youtube link: 別れの予感... [More...]

In Love with Ice Skating

February 10, 2012 EST | Beauty of Life (生活点滴) | Comments (2)

I have fallen in love with ice these days, today I got my first adult skating badge. Along with singing, it fulfills my life and makes me feel life is just wonderful! I will get on ice twice a week...

Poem (诗歌): I Am Reborn (重生)

February 02, 2012 EST | My Writing (我的文章) , Sparks of Soul (心路历程) | Comments (5)

Under the shroud of the morning light In a trail of baffling and fire I opened my eyes The moments of welling tears Spilled the golden sunshine In a thrust of longing for a real life In an impulse of... [More...]