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SummersDay Revels

July 2, 2008 10:47:15 AM EST | News (新闻) | Email to Friend(发邮件给朋友)

After two and a half months weekly rehearsals and much intense daily rehearsals in the final week before the show time, I went on a two day weekend performance on June 21 and 22 with an America's high end performing group "Revels". I took on two short solos. One was in "Man Gave Names to the Animals" that I sang a verse about pig that I translated from English lyrics. Another one was a verse of "Tibetan Plateau". Everyone I had a chance to chat with, either someone I know or didn't, enjoyed my singing very much. They also loved the beautiful princess I played in a story telling "The Heavenly Lovers". I felt grateful to be an important part of this year's event of Revels.

The show was to celebrate the first weekend of summer featuring "a free 3-day event celebrating Boston's cultural diversity and the summer season, presented by Friends of Fort Point Channel". SummersDay Revels brought together talented traditional musicians and dancers (children, teens and adults) representing the neighborhoods of Boston, who performed in the late afternoon of June 21 and 22 (Saturday and Sunday) on multiple stages along Fort Point Channel before uniting each evening for an exciting inter-cultural SummersDay Revels performance on the Main Stage near Boston Children's Museum. Boston's Mayor Thomas M. Menino was on hand to open Saturday's events with opening remarks from the Mainstage.

I will post some photos and few video clips later when they become available.

I may join Revels again in the future.

About Revels

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