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October 27, 2014 EST | Love Poems (爱情诗歌) , Treasured Memories

By Ken, a USTC Alumnus 1. 记得你那双 好像把灵魂丢在天上的 孩子般的眼睛 那年你十八岁 记得你那张 好像略带点婴儿肥的 白皙洁净的脸庞 那年你十八岁... [More...]


October 20, 2014 EST | Sparks of Soul (心路历程)

有一个鸡蛋,非常天真地和石头在一起了 磕磕碰碰,弄得自己身上伤痕累累,但鸡蛋一直坚持着 终于有一天鸡蛋受不了了,离开了石头 后来鸡蛋遇到了棉花... [More...]

Evanescence "Hello"

October 07, 2014 EST | English Songs (英文歌曲) , Recordings | Comments (2)

I discovered this song quite a few years ago, and fell in love the very first time hearing it. Since then I have been wanting to sing it one day. Even so, it wasn't on the top of my song... [More...]

Norwegian Dawn Cruise to Bermuda July 2014

October 05, 2014 EST | Window of the World (世界风情) | Comments (1)

The family took the Norwegian Dawn cruise to Bermuda this July and the time spent there was simply wonderful. I've been wanting to post some of the photos here for good memory, but could never find time to do so.... [More...]